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Grand Valley Bank offers Certificates of Deposit as a way to save your money for the long term. Our CDs provide a higher interest rate than a regular savings account and empower you with control over what happens next for those funds during your renewal period. You can choose terms anywhere from 3 to 60 months. If you are one our Grand Valley Bank Star or Senior account customers, you are eligible to receive an additional .25% interest on your CDs. Contact a New Accounts Representative today about making your money work harder for you!

Our Best Deals

Savings 24 Month CD 36 Month CD 60 Month CD
APY .10% up to $249,999.99
.15% $250,000 & over
.35% .50% .75%
.25% bonus for Star and Senior Accounts!

Time Certificates of Deposit

3 Month CD 6 Month CD 12 Month CD 24 Month CD 36 Month CD 48 Month CD 60 Month CD
APY .20% .20% .25% .35% .50% .65% .75%
.25% bonus for Star and Senior Accounts!

Money Market and Savings Accounts

Savings Money Market
Money Market
Money Market
Over $25,000
APY .10% up to $249,999.99
.15% $250,000 & over
.10% .15% .20%

Interest Bearing Checking

Benchmark Plus Checking
APY .05%
Minimum opening deposit for Benchmark Plus Checking, Savings and Money Market Accounts is $100.00. Rates may change at our discretion any time after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings on your account.
Minimum opening deposit for Time Deposit and IRA accounts is $500.00 unless otherwise stated. Fees could reduce earnings on your IRA account. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.